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We Live For The Music

People in the summer get together for three days. They’re from all around the world just to hear the music play. This journey starts out simple ’til you find the tidal wave made of people jumping up and down to different rhythmic taste. Everyone is moving in a unisonal sway, when the DJ stops the music all the people shout and … Continue reading

Going in Circles

 I’ve climbed the high mountains and walked through the desert. I’ve swam the deep oceans and sat through rough weathers. I’ve driven the country and soared above cities. I’ve ran through the woods and I’ve stood in the distance. I’ve indulged the best foods and smelled rich aromas, yet something keeps telling me this journey’s … Continue reading

Christmas Eve

The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light, I gazed ’round the room and cherished the sight. My was asleep, her head on my chest, My daughter beside me, angelic in rest. Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white, Transforming the yard to a winter delight. The sparkling lights in the treee, I … Continue reading

Roll Call

We put on a pair of our best ACU’s, With tears in our eyes We do what we gotta do. We gather around with gloom in the air, A few stories told, that we need to share. The First Sergeant calls for us to fall in, We cannot bear to do this again. As everyones standing, … Continue reading

Remember Mother Nature’s Song.

William Shakespeare said, “The earth has music for those who listen.” I still remember Mother Nature‘s song and I will hear it again soon enough.  In bare feet on my new journey, resting in a hammock surrounded by silence and positive energy… meditating to her psychedelic song.   Hear as the trees sing her song through … Continue reading


Anger arises inside of my soul as a little girl’s standing alone in the cold. In dirty brown mountains placed far, far away, Can’t help but remember that girl to this day… No eyes in her sockets, burnt skin on her face; she cries and she begs for her life to be saved. Her ear on … Continue reading

Cat & Mouse Games

I am but a mouse, squealing and squirming through a house. Running around I hear a scream. I turn around so I could see. A big powerful paw, descends on me like tooth & claws. I shrill & squirm like a worm. Scared and hurt, I begin to curl. Into a ball, I protect myself … Continue reading

Greatest Story

The Greatest Story of them all is the story of your life. No one else can tell it, Not even if they tried. The story of your life is the story of your struggles, story of your pain and the story of your lovers. The happiness that follows is the journey of one’s life. To … Continue reading


We have the order, It’s time to go. After inspection, We’re ready to roll. Outside the wire, we’re all on alert. Watching our six so no one gets hurt. On the objective, in the dead of night. The outer cordon locks it down tight. As we stack on a wall about to bust in, A shot … Continue reading

A Puzzle Of Purpose

  As my heart beats like a drum, I stay still, silent. Every minute that goes by, I lay here slowly dying. I don’t know about tomorrow  but I know this much is true, I cry myself to sleep at night for there are many things I wish I didn’t do. War is not the … Continue reading

Home Of The Free

Ten years have gone by, which is half of my life. I have no children, don’t have no wife. In Afghanistan, my friends died. I ask myself,”Why didn’t I?” I feel guilty, for there are many things that could’ve gone differently. The smells, sounds, and visuals, tell the story of individuals. I miss my friends, my brothers. … Continue reading

Ruthless Memories

The night sky bright with lights, Smoke fills the air. Bullets fly in all direction, No way to prepare. Metal meets the meat, Time does not exist. Noise consumes the atmosophere. Silloutes… distant. Unpredictable tomorrow. Weapons smoking. People dying, No remorsing.* ~~ Written By John Matar Afghanistan February, 2011 *freestyle poetry Related articles Ruthless Honesty (mymostfavoritethings.wordpress.com) Give … Continue reading

Sunrise, Sunset

 Sunrise, Sunset. Blue eyes, immaculate! Hypnotized me with her sight, Made me feel alive inside. Sunrise, Sunset. Precious lips, luscious and red. Smile, like a goddess, So honest and so marvelous. Sunrise, Sunset. Brown hair, long and delicate. Movements, soft and graceful, Like the touch of a wonderful angel. Sunrise, Sunset. Laughter that I can’t forget. … Continue reading

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