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I wonder what it is that they think now? Wasn’t there supposed to be a difference in all of this, some sort of message that hid just beyond the reach of the mortal realm? I used to think that somewhere in all of this was an answer, but perhaps when I was a poorer man I … Continue reading

My War

A vision thrust upon us, in a world that we would barely understand. To be a part of that, for whatever it was in that time period was something to behold. A magnificent ascent from the darkness of bland life into a situation where a man could, for the first time in his life walk … Continue reading

Rebecca Black, Racism, Liberals and College Debt

“We in America do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.” – Thomas Jefferson 1,945,706: the number of people that watched the Rebecca Black video entitled: Friday, they voted thus: 27,892 likes, 52,516 dislikes, for a total of 80408 votes. 4% of the people that watched the video voted for it.  This … Continue reading

War… It’s really a lot like drug addiction.

 So there you are, hoping and waiting and looking forward to your first time, and for me there were only two things that I was really looking forward to in life: my first joint and my first kill. Truth be told they are not that different. Oddly enough I am writing this to you from … Continue reading


Can  a person be fully happy in chaos of which we live in constantly, both internal and external?  A chaos that governs our very own actions on the daily basis?  A human being needs to assert some sort of control in order to feel safe; however, there are areas in one’s life that cannot be … Continue reading

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