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Roll Call

We put on a pair of our best ACU’s,
With tears in our eyes
We do what we gotta do.
We gather around with gloom in the air,
A few stories told, that we need to share.

The First Sergeant calls for us to fall in,
We cannot bear to do this again.
As everyones standing, dress right dress,
I can’t help but notice
that we all look a mess.

With tears flowing from our puffy eyes,
We dry our faces ’cause soldiers don’t cry.
We can’t wait for this to end,
and in two minutes the ceremoney will begin.

The chaplain says a prayer that touches us all,
The the First Sergeant begins roll call.
The sodiers name is heard all around
but there’s no response,
not even a sound.

After his name has been read,
Twenty-one shots to salute the dead.
I’m so sad, I’m about to collapse,
But the silence is broken by the playing of Taps.

With tears flowing down my face,
It’s immediately followed by Amazing Grace.
As we march up one by one,
We pay our respects to the Fallen One.

Credit: Hollyn Johnson Photography


Revised By John Matar

  • Tears (thevillagegirl.wordpress.com)

About John Matar

A Philosophical Journey shares the work of John Matar as well as other poets, writers and bloggers. Topics and discussions written are proudly displayed to enlighten and inform.


3 thoughts on “Roll Call

  1. John….. this is a truly touching poem!!! Beyond beautiful!!! (You almost had me in tears at my office desk!!!) Very special!! 🙂 **

    Posted by xandreverkes | November 29, 2011, 08:20
  2. Moving description of an, unforgivably, common event. This is what we want to mean when we say “We will never forget!”

    Posted by Chris Conn | December 9, 2011, 04:18
  3. every time I heard/ Taps I knew the mist was opening
    and another was going beyond this moment in time
    Amazing Grace sounded like a welcome home to me…..
    Take Care….
    You Matter……

    Posted by LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words | August 2, 2012, 05:48

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