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Radical Times, A New Hero Needed, Apply Below…

There was a time, this friend of mine…

A Nuclear Iran, and a pissed off Israel, the US falling somewhere in there. The collapsing middle-east and the riots across the world, angry at money in general. Italy in shambles, right behind the Greeks, China and Russia unified in letting Iran win the day. All of these things issues, all of them serious.

Unemployment sitting at 9%. 307,006,550 is the total number of people in America, as of 2009.

So that means that 27,630,589 don’t have a job. The world has become a snare, beaten by the powers that exist, on some drumroll that is leading to something I am assured. But what is the portent of such things? Am I the only one checking these facts? Am I the only one watching the grim reality of things? They say that veterans like myself are at 12% unemployment, so that it’s good because the number is lower, the number of vets that is… Except that that doesn’t pan out in the research you see. A higher percent over a lower number means less jobs for people like me.

The paid off mortgage is the new BMW, 2 part times is the new full time. Clinics are the new health care, craigslist prostitution is the new enterprise… A world that has been bought, but you and I are the ones that have to pay for it. But we still have iPads. What do we even want to live for in such a world, a dream among dreams made reality through the unbelieveable greed of men that wanted it.

Is it that the power of the story told to the youth, the fear that has been generated and built upon until it towers above a man, any man, and spikes his hopes and goals into the dirt of mediocrity and triffling existence, until even he has abandoned the post. I feel for the lost, yet find that this is the turning point, the generation that I was born to be for, be a part of.

I see you occupy protests, but that is not enough. this country almost came apart once, and that fear has stopped many from seeing what is becoming more and more painfully obvious… That this nation needs to hit the restart button, and there are a lot more than the markets that need to correct themselves. The happy painted over world that we made won’t last, the imagination of these half-hearts and has-beens only chips away to reveal the underworkings of a machine that benefits no one at this point, a dream without end or purpose, only to become a nightmare.

I watched and wondered, I saw and took in, and the malice of it all put the blacks and true blues into the world’s collective conscious. This is a special time, a time to be free. I say to the common man, the fellow man and his choices, his actions, we are all going to do this, this is all going to happen.

And the fact that it is, and that is all that it is, that it will occur at all is all I can promise.

And what will I do with my credit score and my nice things, when there is no job or benefits to pay for it anymore. All the things that I have been told are not my life, that they don’t make the real me who I am… I am about to do without them and take the test that writers and other jokers promised would revolutionize my life, make me closer to some appointed spot in the universe. But I doubt it.

There’s something happening here
What it is ain’t exactly clear
There’s a man with a gun over there
Telling me I got to beware

The time has come again, now is the time, they took away the jobs and the money, they took away the structure and the promise of the future. So we have only one thing left to do… Make peace, come to life, and be alive in this moment, because the insurance that we tried to setup is failing, but together, as people, we can come together and make it work.

Don’t fight, that just takes rage and stupidity, this time around, let’s do some good.

John James Patrick Gulley


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