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Roll Call

We put on a pair of our best ACU’s, With tears in our eyes We do what we gotta do. We gather around with gloom in the air, A few stories told, that we need to share. The First Sergeant calls for us to fall in, We cannot bear to do this again. As everyones standing, … Continue reading

Radical Times, A New Hero Needed, Apply Below…

There was a time, this friend of mine… A Nuclear Iran, and a pissed off Israel, the US falling somewhere in there. The collapsing middle-east and the riots across the world, angry at money in general. Italy in shambles, right behind the Greeks, China and Russia unified in letting Iran win the day. All of … Continue reading


I wonder what it is that they think now? Wasn’t there supposed to be a difference in all of this, some sort of message that hid just beyond the reach of the mortal realm? I used to think that somewhere in all of this was an answer, but perhaps when I was a poorer man I … Continue reading

My War

A vision thrust upon us, in a world that we would barely understand. To be a part of that, for whatever it was in that time period was something to behold. A magnificent ascent from the darkness of bland life into a situation where a man could, for the first time in his life walk … Continue reading

Remember Mother Nature’s Song.

William Shakespeare said, “The earth has music for those who listen.” I still remember Mother Nature‘s song and I will hear it again soon enough.  In bare feet on my new journey, resting in a hammock surrounded by silence and positive energy… meditating to her psychedelic song.   Hear as the trees sing her song through … Continue reading

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