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Rebecca Black, Racism, Liberals and College Debt

“We in America do not have government by the majority. We have
government by the majority who participate.” – Thomas Jefferson

1,945,706: the number of people that watched the Rebecca Black video entitled: Friday, they voted thus: 27,892 likes, 52,516 dislikes, for a total of 80408 votes. 4% of the people that watched the video voted for it. 

This is one of the more disturbing elements of our culture, the button is a handful of pixels away from the video itself. It actually takes more effort in the mind of an American to click a like/dislike button than the average American feels is proper. It’s moments like these that make me believe that racism and sexism really aren’t issues, it’s just that when people in their living rooms are saying “that really isn’t an issue anymore” they never quite realize that telling your apartment that you occupy alone doesn’t voice your actual opinion. See at least 80408 people got the message, they took time out of their day, with a rough 2/3 majority hating the video to show their participation: they voted. But you see it’s easy to vote on something that you immediately hate because it’s right in front of you and no one can track you down and seek reprisal for your opinion… With how much we enjoy secretly sabotaging others, it’s amazing we don’t vote against our candidates more often.

I like to think that in the minds of Americans, issues such as politics and economy are simply tweets from the government, basically posted in an attempt to keep up the drama to entice people to click on their video. Do we have real problems in America that need an actual solution… Uh, yeah man, that is pretty fucking obvious. But that was yesterday’s tweet, now we are watching:

Why Girls Don’t Fart…


the number above is the people that were wrapped up in the mystery of why girls don’t fart.

Ah, good times can be had by all. With an attention span of a 7-11 microwave, with two settings, 1 and 5 minutes, and the overall understanding of the world around them at an all-time low, Americans are pretty much the most awesome group of liberals EVER! They have liberated themselves of thinking or participating in government except to vote the status quo of whoever happens to announce that they are the good guy… With a bonus of no one actually performing any fact checking due to the multitudes of news agencies that all agree that the aforementioned good guy is in fact: A GOOD GUY! Well thank God someone did some exhaustive research.

But the Racism and Sexism issues at this point are laughable, vague and ineffectual. Tupac Shakur did more to help civil union and equality than the government or any of their “experts” ever did. No one is arguing that race, color, creed, religion, sexual identity, etc. are things that divide people. WE GET THAT PART ASSHOLES! The part that no one can seem to fucking agree on is who is going to make that all go away. The argument places you in the conservative/liberal spectrum: 
Simply and briefly explained:
Conservatives want Mom to go back in the house so they can beat up the neighbor kid on their own, without any sort of restraint or forgiveness because it’s the totally awesome thing to do. Conservatives like to beat people up and make a lot of money because they don’t want to live in Mom’s house, she makes them follow rules like sharing with their brothers… They hate that. Does it work… No, not really, but we sure showed that kid!
Liberals want to run inside and tell Mom that the neighbor kid is picking on them, and then he wants to sit inside till the kid goes away, and while he is at it not doing shit for himself, he’d like a juice box and some cookies cause Mom needs to address his needs, he is a victim of the neighbor kid. He has no problem sharing his food with his brothers because he assumes that when he wants another, Mom will go buy some more. Does it work… No, not really, but we sure do love these cookies!
The neighborhood kid is the world… If you haven’t already drawn that inference, then what the fuck are you doing reading this? 
See when you have no fucking idea what anything actually means, you can borrow terms at any time to describe anything… Don’t like Barrack Obama? You’re a racist imperialist. Didn’t like the Bush regime, you’re a fucking terrorist! Didn’t vote for the health-care reform, you hate babies and poor people. Don’t support pro-life, then you are a devil worshiping murderer. You support the death penalty, then, as I’ve said, you are a devil worshiping murderer. God in schools, evolution, gay marriage (though why gay people want to fight so hard to end up in fucking divorce court is beyond me, I actually considered that an advantage of being a gay person)… the list goes on.
But perhaps the biggest reason that we have stupid people in America is because the “geniuses” of our time, our college kids are not that fucking bright when it comes to a policy of social degradation called indentured servitude… this is what I mean:

 Take a look at some of these figures, don’t look at the monthly payment, that part is only a portion of what it is that I am talking about… Look at the number of years and the compounding interest that you will end up paying on these loans. The shortest one to pay off, if you do not default on the loan at any point is… 57 years, and that is if you can faithfully put aside $850 a month onto the loan until you are the ripe old age of 79… assuming you graduated on time at 22, entering a freshman year at 18.

This is a scary statistic… remember when the government was endorsing colleges and promising to make college affordable for everyone… Well they came up with a nice statistic right out of their ass claiming that college graduates earn an extra $1,000,000 in their life-time, and for the sake of our government that shit better happen to be true because they are entitled to 20-45% of it throughout your entire life. You now have to pay the government taxes… and you have to pay them again in a steep investment of just getting a job at all… Sounds good. 
$11,990 the average cost of State Colleges and Universities per year = $51,557 = $295 minimum per month
$27,298 the average for-profit school or University per year = $121,476 = $700 minimum per month
$35,000+ the average cost of Major Universities per year = $147,000 = $850 minimum per month
So… I hope you get every fucking thing out of college that you wanted, because you are going to be paying for it for the rest of your natural life. And I make no exaggeration when I say that it will be the rest of your life.
This is the cost of dealing with the idiocy that is our government. So why then did I bring up the first points? What the fuck were they about man, they were as vague and nonsensical as higher learning… 
The point of those topics were very simple. The longer that you waste your time with petty bullshit and misdirection, the longer you cling onto the idea that the system is secretly run by some other ethnic group or that it favors some secret 911 truther conspiracy shit, the easier it is for the government TO FUCKING RAM A HARD COCK OF SLAVERY up your ass and sodomize your very lifespan with a rigged system that will NEVER produce a favorable economy or lifestyle for the average citizen. 
And for those of you douche-fags that totally enjoy your TV news, keep fucking eating your loving spoonfuls, fucking munch that shit down… When you finally get over the fact that your political bickering over your “beliefs” that you never actually vote for, or vaguely vote party bloc in assumption that your goals are the same… You will have to come to the reality all around that Conservative and Liberal persons of this country ARE GETTING RAPED ALL THE SAME! Not even 5% of all of the people that saw the Rebecca had the civic duty to tell her by vote that her song sucks ass and she shouldn’t sing anything… at all… ever. So don’t act so fucking surprised that both sides of the aisle in our political system have teamed up for a colon-tastic voyage through your liberty and life goals of the pursuit of happiness and monetary and economic freedom
Written By John Patrick James Gulley

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One thought on “Rebecca Black, Racism, Liberals and College Debt

  1. It took an INSANE amount of energy to push the like button, so now I guess I’ll take a nap too.

    Posted by derekberry | November 6, 2011, 16:22

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