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A Puzzle Of Purpose


As my heart beats like a drum,
I stay still, silent.
Every minute that goes by,
I lay here slowly dying.

I don’t know about tomorrow 
but I know this much is true,
I cry myself to sleep at night
for there are many things I wish I didn’t do.

War is not the answer.
Peace is no solution.
I don’t know what else to say,
I’m filled with much confusion.

As the blood keeps pouring out,
my skin keeps getting lighter.
I don’t want to die, you see,
I know that I’m a fighter…

Death has lost the battle.
I survived my doom.
But now that life continues,
What am I going to do?


“To live remains an art which everyone must learn, and which no one can teach.”  ~Havelock Ellis


Written By John Matar


About John Matar

A Philosophical Journey shares the work of John Matar as well as other poets, writers and bloggers. Topics and discussions written are proudly displayed to enlighten and inform.


5 thoughts on “A Puzzle Of Purpose

  1. You have a lot of courage for writing this. I’m going to share it out.

    Posted by Chris Conn | October 19, 2011, 03:45
  2. yo matar you wrote this!!!! dude no homo but this is beautiful!!! i love it! this speaks so much truth! i had no idea that you could write stuff like this!!

    keep writing my friend!!!


    Posted by tim powell | October 19, 2011, 10:16
    • My friend from war. I’m glad you enjoyed this. Since we have been back I find poetry soothing and relaxing. Theres no better way to occupy my time and relax my soul than writing. I hope your journey is treating you well. Thanks again Powell!

      Posted by John Matar | October 23, 2011, 16:45
  3. Love the poem, and really like the image too. Where did you find it? x

    Posted by elexxa | October 21, 2011, 22:41

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