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Rebecca Black, Racism, Liberals and College Debt

“We in America do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.” – Thomas Jefferson 1,945,706: the number of people that watched the Rebecca Black video entitled: Friday, they voted thus: 27,892 likes, 52,516 dislikes, for a total of 80408 votes. 4% of the people that watched the video voted for it.  This … Continue reading


Anger arises inside of my soul as a little girl’s standing alone in the cold. In dirty brown mountains placed far, far away, Can’t help but remember that girl to this day… No eyes in her sockets, burnt skin on her face; she cries and she begs for her life to be saved. Her ear on … Continue reading

War… It’s really a lot like drug addiction.

 So there you are, hoping and waiting and looking forward to your first time, and for me there were only two things that I was really looking forward to in life: my first joint and my first kill. Truth be told they are not that different. Oddly enough I am writing this to you from … Continue reading

Cat & Mouse Games

I am but a mouse, squealing and squirming through a house. Running around I hear a scream. I turn around so I could see. A big powerful paw, descends on me like tooth & claws. I shrill & squirm like a worm. Scared and hurt, I begin to curl. Into a ball, I protect myself … Continue reading

Greatest Story

The Greatest Story of them all is the story of your life. No one else can tell it, Not even if they tried. The story of your life is the story of your struggles, story of your pain and the story of your lovers. The happiness that follows is the journey of one’s life. To … Continue reading


We have the order, It’s time to go. After inspection, We’re ready to roll. Outside the wire, we’re all on alert. Watching our six so no one gets hurt. On the objective, in the dead of night. The outer cordon locks it down tight. As we stack on a wall about to bust in, A shot … Continue reading

A Puzzle Of Purpose

  As my heart beats like a drum, I stay still, silent. Every minute that goes by, I lay here slowly dying. I don’t know about tomorrow  but I know this much is true, I cry myself to sleep at night for there are many things I wish I didn’t do. War is not the … Continue reading

Home Of The Free

Ten years have gone by, which is half of my life. I have no children, don’t have no wife. In Afghanistan, my friends died. I ask myself,”Why didn’t I?” I feel guilty, for there are many things that could’ve gone differently. The smells, sounds, and visuals, tell the story of individuals. I miss my friends, my brothers. … Continue reading

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