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Restart Button Theory

Restart Button

           There are always those men whose ideas are different from the rest of society’s. These make sense now, modern-day, but in the past to them it was blasphemy or unorthodox. Men like Mohandas Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., John Locke, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and even modern-day like Ai Weiwei and a few other activist and artist (painters, actors, musicians, scientist, politicians and professors) brought us to where we are but somewhere along the line, we gave the power and rights back to the corrupt.

     The human body is indeed like society; although, it is not primarily the societies that we have to look at, but the ideas within the society that shape and mold “the human body”. These ideas of government such as, (monarchy, dictatorship, democracy) are like an ecosystem and within the ecosystem are super organisms. Life thrives with different meanings and purposes throughout this environment. It can be seen in the Middle East, the Orient, Europe, Africa, the Americas, and even nature itself. [Religions can also be considered a super organism within the ecosystem. That can be discussed when debating the idea of separation of church and state, as the founding fathers did.] 

     Humans are creatures that need to assert control in their lives but things one can’t control are nature and death; so what history has shown us is that as societies and beliefs grow, they need to be refreshed, such as a phone or a computer that has been turned on for so long. It begins to get hot and self-destruct. It can not continue to function unless a change can be made for all the parts to work right again. Human societies suffer from the lower class to the upper class. Without the smaller parts working for the bigger parts, nothing can be accomplished so it has to be refreshed. This is where the theory of a “restart button” comes in play. People like Buddha, Martin Luther King Jr., Mohandas Gandhi, William Wallace, and even Hitler were the restart buttons for their generation. Nations like America, France, and modern era Egypt and Libya, along with smaller African nations restarted with the idea of revolution. Sometimes “seeds planted” may lay dormant until an action in history or something extraordinary occurs to wake someone up and do something about it.

      Today, as we see the world in the shape that it’s in, not only in America but around the world, with a low economy and lasting war, the world cries out for a “restart button”. We rely on our officials in office and men with authority to do this for us but we are seeing the same pattern as with societies before ours. The SYSTEM is failing now. The government needs to be refreshed once the primary concern ceases to be civil liberties; but we have to present ideas in a way that ALL people may understand or else it’s sadly forced with bloodshed. A restart button may be created at anytime but it will not work unless it is wired into the SYSTEM…The people are the SYSTEM! The people are the password for the restart button!

When the people fear the government, there is tyranny; When the government fears the people, there is liberty.” – Thomas Jefferson.

By John Matar


About John Matar

A Philosophical Journey shares the work of John Matar as well as other poets, writers and bloggers. Topics and discussions written are proudly displayed to enlighten and inform.


2 thoughts on “Restart Button Theory

  1. Great article, I like the analogy of a “restart” button.

    Posted by Osman K | September 22, 2011, 19:29
  2. The “Restart Button” is out there somewhere, maybe more than one. I hope that he/she/they can hear my voice so that the process of renewing our country can begin. Our generation is capable of such things but we are brainwashed by our medias and politics. Thanks for dropping by.

    Posted by johnmatar | September 22, 2011, 20:39

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