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American Justice and Osama Bin Laden: Devil’s Advocate

According to John Locke,” The idea of natural rights is inseparable from the doctrine that all human beings, regardless of the extrinsic differences in circumstance (nationality, class, religion) or physical condition (race, gender, age, etc.) share an identical set of powers, freedoms, and/or competencies.” The United States of America is proudly labeled as a nation of Freedom and … Continue reading

Two Lives

      As the day was coming to an end, two men sat reminiscing on their childhood and contemplating their tomorrows. Shortly, the sun fell from the sky. The moon was like a beam, transcending on the two, with the stars watching from a distance as an audience. The first man turned to the other and asked, … Continue reading

Ruthless Memories

The night sky bright with lights, Smoke fills the air. Bullets fly in all direction, No way to prepare. Metal meets the meat, Time does not exist. Noise consumes the atmosophere. Silloutes… distant. Unpredictable tomorrow. Weapons smoking. People dying, No remorsing.* ~~ Written By John Matar Afghanistan February, 2011 *freestyle poetry Related articles Ruthless Honesty (mymostfavoritethings.wordpress.com) Give … Continue reading

Restart Button Theory

           There are always those men whose ideas are different from the rest of society’s. These make sense now, modern-day, but in the past to them it was blasphemy or unorthodox. Men like Mohandas Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., John Locke, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and even modern-day like Ai Weiwei and a few other activist and artist (painters, … Continue reading

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