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Another Idea

There are many ideas out there, originating from old thought and becoming updated through time, that need to be brought together for unity.  Sadly, we live in a negative consumed world where racism and discrimination, among other memes alike, dominate our societies and beliefs.  History has shown us that it’s not a secret, people are willing to die for their ideas.  An unknown source said this about an infamous extremist group, “In order to defeat the Taliban, we must kill their ideas. You just can’t do that…” It’s easy to fear people but we shouldn’t fear people because of their ideas.  Yet, this is seen around the world.

dreams and ideas

Not all ideas are dangerous though, magnificent memes have arose through the ages by great thinkers throughout the centuries.  Musicians have influenced generations with their sounds and lyrics.  Artist have molded eras and captured the spirit of their time.  Movements and leaders of equality and human rights have always risen to the surface in history.  Today, as in the past and unfortunately in the future, the oppressed cry for a chance to be heard and there are those who listen and lend a hand, but very few.  No matter where one looks, from the most civilized of people to the most barbaric group of humans, it is seen as bright as day that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer… an idea that has never changed.

When people have much, they don’t need which is why familiarity brings content. By attaching oneself with memes that others agree on, an individual is able to find his own comfort.  This can be seen by comparing U.S. Americans of different backgrounds and denominations from the north and south. Networking is a universal truth of human interaction. Connections between human beings are a lot stronger and broader, modern day, with the help of social media and devices unheard of to a time of horse and carriage.  We, as human beings, are social creatures which makes it easier for us to survive in packs.  The packs we decide to affiliate ourselves in are no longer determined by our geographical location, as it has been proven in the past.  It is now based off of our memes. The biggest memes today are science, politics, religion, and arts. Memes that will never die because they thrive in environments based off their principles.

In a negative consumed world, we need to find influential people to share these ideas with that they can share with the world; A meme that unifies cultural movements with various Peoples, young and old. Time plays a critical role in this journey.  Given the right moment, something extraordinary in history will take place during our lifetime. Let us just hope that with our current global standing, it’s not from healing the pains that could’ve been avoided.

By John Matar


About John Matar

A Philosophical Journey shares the work of John Matar as well as other poets, writers and bloggers. Topics and discussions written are proudly displayed to enlighten and inform.


2 thoughts on “Another Idea

  1. Thanks brother. We will see it in our lifetime…Change is Gonna Come!

    Posted by johnmatar | September 22, 2011, 21:29

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