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Another Idea

There are many ideas out there, originating from old thought and becoming updated through time, that need to be brought together for unity.  Sadly, we live in a negative consumed world where racism and discrimination, among other memes alike, dominate our societies and beliefs.  History has shown us that it’s not a secret, people are … Continue reading


Can  a person be fully happy in chaos of which we live in constantly, both internal and external?  A chaos that governs our very own actions on the daily basis?  A human being needs to assert some sort of control in order to feel safe; however, there are areas in one’s life that cannot be … Continue reading

Sunrise, Sunset

 Sunrise, Sunset. Blue eyes, immaculate! Hypnotized me with her sight, Made me feel alive inside. Sunrise, Sunset. Precious lips, luscious and red. Smile, like a goddess, So honest and so marvelous. Sunrise, Sunset. Brown hair, long and delicate. Movements, soft and graceful, Like the touch of a wonderful angel. Sunrise, Sunset. Laughter that I can’t forget. … Continue reading

A Philosophical Journey

Welcome! My name is John Matar and I would like to personally thank you for joining me in ‘A Philosophical Journey’. It has been said that good questions don’t have answers,they only lead to more questions. That is why the purpose of ‘A Philosophical Journey’ is a place to share and discuss All things. The … Continue reading

To New Beginnings and a Prosperous Future!

I begin an entry on the story of my travels and my ideas that have fueled a fire of passion within my soul.  Returning from a combat tour in Afghanistan, I arrive with mixed emotions and confusion about what lies ahead. The adventure I embarked dictated a major chapter in my life. I question old and … Continue reading

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